About Us

How does it provide the best Parcel forwarding service?

Deliveringparcel.com is the best parcel forwarding service which connects you globally with us and you get access to online stores in every country across the world.

You can access any online stores and even request in-store shopping assistance from any country and delivering parcel will provide you the best parcel forwarding service.

You can enjoy discounts and offer all over the world and get hold of pre-release products, pre-orders, and items from any top shopping destinations like the USA, AUSTRALIA, EUROPE, ASIA, naming all the countries, we are Everywhere for you. International shopping can help you save money if you shop sales and use discount coupons as if you lived in the store’s country.

Enjoy shopping at huge international and national retailers like AMAZON or EBAY of any country or shops and get it shipped to any part of the world with us with no limitations at all.

SHOP and SHIP from any online store like APPLE, WALLMART, CARREFOUR, TESCO, WOOLWORTHS with the help of our members and shippers who can provide shopping assistance with the best interpersonal skills.

Your Package will be handled by the world’s best carrier to handle your packages and shipments. Our logistics team works in the best relationship with these partners and give you the best shipping rates.

Get the best service from us by using our good terms and business deals with shipping companies like USPS, ROYAL MAIL, DHL, FEDEX, UPS, TNT

How Delivering Parcel forwarding service Started?

Trading is been there from the beginning of mankind and the stone ages but since the human created borders have restricted the free flowing transaction. Its been a need of time that such a solution was imminent.

we did a lot of discussion and research to find a solution where people don’t have to rely on companies to charge them heavily for international shipping and also not to deprive them of their much-needed products.

Company after good internal marketing manage to form an alliance with reliable members who are living all over the globe and started this venture initially operated from few countries and slowly expanding the vision and reaching out to the mass market.

We can proudly say we are available to provide the best parcel forwarding service in every continent and trying to fill the gaps with our added “shippers”.

Our Mission

You order, we deliver

Our mission is to provide the best parcel forwarding service and we are providing a platform where the community can rely on to get the items and products from any International famous brands and retailers they wish for and on the other hand, help the needy make some revenue.

From “shop” to “ship” providing all the solutions at one place is surely a perfect idea. Providing a solution to bypass all the custom made barriers, International trade barriers , VAT surcharges and other hidden cost.


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